Magic Spins

Experience the electrifying thrill of Magic Spins slot at Roll XO Casino! With mesmerising graphics, captivating sound effects, and enchanting characters, this slot transports Australian gamblers to a world of magic and excitement like never before! Brace yourself for an unparalleled gaming adventure filled with mystery and riches!

Playline Description

In Magic Spins, paylines weave through the enchanted reels, offering myriad ways to win. As you embark on this mystical journey, you’ll discover an array of payline configurations, each shimmering with potential. From diagonal delights to straight-line treasures, every spin brings the promise of magical rewards. With an intricate network of paylines crisscrossing the screen, every combination holds the possibility of unlocking wondrous riches.

Symbols Types

Magic Spins slot boasts a mesmerising array of key symbols and characteristics that immerse players in a world of enchantment. Among them, mystical orbs serve as scatters, triggering bonus rounds where untold riches await. The elusive wizard represents the wild, substituting for other symbols to conjure winning combinations. Keep an eye out for spellbinding potions, which unleash multipliers to amplify your winnings. Additionally, the captivating graphics and immersive sound effects transport players to a realm of magic and wonder, making every spin an exhilarating adventure.

Paytable and Payouts

Symbol Type Multiplier Payout
Mystical Orb Scatter 2x, 5x, 10x Varies
Wizard Wild 3x Varies
Potion Bonus/Multiplier 2x, 3x, 5x Varies
Crystal Ball Regular Varies
Spell Book Regular Varies
Wand Regular Varies

How To Bet For Playing

When selecting a bet type and size for playing Magic Spins slot, consider your budget and desired level of risk. Start by assessing your bankroll and determining a comfortable wager size that allows for enjoyable gameplay without risking too much. Choose a bet type (e.g., fixed or adjustable) that aligns with your preferences and playing style. Additionally, factor in the game’s volatility and your desired payout potential when selecting your bet size. Aim for a balance that offers excitement without jeopardising your financial stability.

Winning Combinations

Here are the top 5 winning combinations in Magic Spins slot:

  1. Five Wizard symbols on an active payline for the highest payout.
  2. Four Mystical Orb scatters triggering the bonus round with lucrative multipliers.
  3. Three Potion icons on adjacent reels for a substantial win boosted by multipliers.
  4. A combination of Wizard and Wild symbols creating wild winning sequences across the reels.
  5. Two Mystical Orb scatters accompanied by other high-paying icons, offering a chance to trigger bonus features or additional rewards.