Treasures of Fire

Introducing Treasures of Fire pokie, the sizzling sensation at Roll XO Casino! Dive into an adventure like no other with stunning graphics, captivating characters, and a soundtrack that ignites your excitement! Its fiery theme sets it ablaze, offering Australian gamblers an adrenaline-fueled experience that’s simply incandescent!

Playline Description

Treasures of Fire boasts a dynamic payline structure that blazes a trail of excitement! With a myriad of winning possibilities, this slot features a flexible payline system that dances across the reels like flickering flames. Players can discover scorching wins along traditional paylines, as well as through innovative patterns that zigzag and twist with every spin.

Symbols Types

In Treasures of Fire, each symbol ignites the reels with its unique allure and potential for fiery wins. The key symbols include blazing wilds that substitute for others, intensifying your chances of landing scorching combinations. Look out for the radiant scatter, triggering free spin features that send your winnings skyrocketing. Dynamic bonus icons unlock thrilling mini-games, offering players the chance to unearth hidden treasures amidst the flames.

Paytable and Payouts

Symbol Type Multiplier Payout
Wild Blazing 2x Varies
Scatter Radiant N/A Free Spins
Bonus Dynamic N/A Mini-Game
Ruby Precious 10x High
Gold Coin Wealth 5x Medium
Dagger Adventure 3x Low
Crown Royalty 8x High
Phoenix Mythical 6x Medium
Treasure Hidden 4x Low

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning visuals and immersive sound effects create an engaging gaming experience.
  • Diverse bonus features including free spins and mini-games keep players entertained.
  • Flexible payline structure offers numerous winning opportunities.
  • High-quality graphics and smooth gameplay enhance overall enjoyment.
  • Dynamic symbols and multipliers add excitement and boost potential payouts.


  • May lack originality in theme compared to some other slots.
  • Bonus features can be challenging to trigger at times.

How To Bet For Playing

When selecting a bet type and size in Treasures of Fire, consider your bankroll and desired level of risk. Start by assessing your budget and the volatility of the slot. For conservative players, opt for smaller bets on fewer paylines to prolong gameplay. Alternatively, for those seeking bigger wins and higher excitement, increase your bet size and activate more paylines. Remember to strike a balance between risk and reward, ensuring an enjoyable and sustainable gaming experience tailored to your preferences.